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Let Us Get You Home!
Here’s How We Ensure Your Transaction Goes smooth and Fast

Initial Goal Analysis Consultation:

(30 minute Phone Call) This is where we go over your goals to better understand your specific situation and needs.

Solution Preparation:

(Behind the scenes): (2-3 hours). This is where we take the info from our call and build out some of the best options on the market for you regarding rates, closing costs, and program structures.

Suggestion Presentation:

(30-45 Minute Phone Call): This is where we go over what we found for you and if you decide you want to keep what we propose we put your loan into process.

While the loan is in process you will have:
  1. Direct Access for any loan structuring questions and advice.
  2. A dedicated processor to get your loan ready to close.
  3. Appraisal coordination.
  4. Rate monitoring in case the market takes a dip.
  5. Up to 120 day Rate lock protection in case the market goes up.
  6. A Documentation Upload Portal.
  7. Step by Step communication so you are always in the loop.
Get Your Offer Accepted on Your New Home!

A home means a family, a place of safety, an investment and a little piece of the world all your own. As you partner with us to make your dream a reality, we focus on smart financing. Welcome to ProActiva Mortgage Network, a company that thinks beyond financing, all the way to becoming a smart homeowner.

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