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About Us

A little about us and our values.

Establishing a home for your family is a very important event of your life. It can be exciting, but it may also be anxiety-inducing. Our mission is to assist you in your homebuying journey, help manage your anxiety and be with you as a partner through the entire process and then long after you have converted your house into your family’s home. 

We are a locally-owned mortgage brokerage company based in Camp Hill, PA, serving clients throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We guide and support you in your journey to convert a house into a home for your family through a process that is fair, transparent, enjoyable and educational. 

We believe that financing your home is much more than assessing interest rates on your loans. We will share our own knowledge and experience around all aspects of financing or refinancing of your home. Our loan process is designed to make sure you are not surprised after you sign on your commitments. We are here, and we bring quite a few years of experience in home-financing. 

We don’t just hand over documents to you. We will walk the entire journey with you, hand-in-hand. We will be available to you 24/7. We are not just your mortgage brokers; we are your neighbor and guide in your home-buying experience. 

We value: 

Customer service: You are our priority. We focus on you. We are available to you 24/7.
Accountability: We will do what we say we will.
Transparency: We will share all options as well as potential roadblocks.
Efficiency: We will do all we can to close your home in the shortest time possible and make it easy for you to prepare and submit your application. And we will do it in a responsible way, the right way. 

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